Shri Krishna 3 Roller Mills

(A) Grinding Chamber

Fitted with a main vertical shaft carrying a cast steel spider from which rollers assembly are suspended. These alloy steel rollers run on their own antifriction bearing while travelling around the ring. Steel ploughs are firmly attached near the bottom end of this shaft. The base of roller mills is of heavy dust cast iron and provided with tangential ports through which are enters the mills. A replaceable Bull Ring of alloy steel is fitted in this base against which rollers revolve.

The main shaft is driven by an internal bevel gear box having horizontal drive shaft fitted with a pinion. The automatic feeder is also driven by the same shaft through a chain sprocket or a belt pulley arrangement.

(B) Blower

Suitably designed M.S. fabricated type or C.I. casted having independent drive.

(C) Classifier

“Shri Krishna” Roller Mills are equipped with double cone or Whizzer type classifier depending on the type of material to be grind. The fineness of the materials for re-grinding. The selection of types. Arrangement is built in to return oversize material for re-grinding. The selection of type of classifier is governed by the duty they have to perform viz, desire fineness and the type of materials.

(D) Cyclone Air Separator

Cyclone Air Separator is made of mild steel sheet with supporting structure and flanges.

(E) Automatic Feeder

Rotary type of cast iron body. It is designed to take care of quality and size of feed material and provided with pawl and retched mechanism.

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Principles of Operation
Dustless Operation

Application of Roller Mills

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(1) It is available in various models depending upon production capacity & H. P. required.
(2) Machine/Material can be changed as per customer's requirement.