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Shri Krishna Ribbon Blenders


Shri Krishna Ribbon Blenders are well designed mixers (blenders) having rugged construction. This is simple in design and efficient in working. They are brought in operation where two pulverised dry powders are required to be thoroughly mixed. Usually they are used where small amount of chemical is required to be thoroughly mixed large volume of pulverised material (filter)being simple in designed, their operation is usually trouble free.


Body of the blender are fabricated mild steel plates/stainless steel, forming a through, which has got two inlets on the top; one main overflow spout on the side and one discharge outlet on the bottom. The body is fitted with shaft having M.S. spiders over which ribbons and anti directional fins are fitted. The shaft revolves on self – aligning bearing fitted on a specially designed housing gland pickings on both sides. The driving is provided through reduction gear box.


The following industries are using the Ribbon Blenders:-
(1) Insecticide and Pesticide formulations.
(2) Cattle & Poultry feed
(3) Dyes & Paints Pigment blending.
(4) Chemical Industries or Any type of powder mixing /spices mixing.

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Technical Details

Additional Equipments


(1) It is available in various models depending upon production capacity & H. P. required.
(2) Machine/Material can be changed as per customer's requirement.

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