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Shri Krishna Rotary Sieve


The Shri Krishna Rotary Sieve is designed to handle a wide variety of food, chemical and mineral products. Centrifugal sifters are primarily used to sift oversize out of product. Featuring high efficiency separation and high capacity throughout, the sifters have an easy clean design with partial disassembly without tools for access. Robust construction with self aligning inspection doors to ensure dust tight sealing. Screen assemblies can be easily and quickly replaced.


  • Controlled sieving of powder and granular products.
  • Classification.
  • Removal of lumps and foreign material


Horizontal centrifugal sifter construction comprises a stationary horizontal cylindrical sieve, an internal rotating shaft fitted with screw flights at the product inlet and a series of paddles along the sieve length. In operation, material to be sifted is fed into the sifter inlet feed box. The product is then uniformly fed into the stationary horizontal cylindrical sieve by means of the screw section. The paddles then centrifugally force the fines material against and through the screen. Soft agglomerates are broken up by the paddle action, whilst oversize particles pass out the end of the screen. Adjustable weirs control the flow of oversize and retention time in the sifter.

Standard Features

  • Fully welded housing.
  • Rotating paddle assists to break up soft lumps.
  • Bearings outside product zone.
  • Screen assembly can be easily removed for cleaning without tools.
  • Totally enclosed, dust free operation.
  • High capacity with low noise.
  • Oversize chamber for easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Wide range of screen sizes.
  • Self cleaning screens.
  • In line or optional via belt drive.
  • Stuffing box seal on drive end.
  • Available in mild steel or stainless steel. Non sanitary or sanitary construction.

(1) It is available in various models depending upon production capacity & H. P. required.
(2) Machine/Material can be changed as per customer's requirement.

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