Shri Krishna Rotary Valve (Air Lock Valve)


Rotary Valve : Rotary Air Lock Valve , Rotary Air Lock Valves , Manufacturer of Rotary Air Lock Valve , Manufacturer of Rotary Air Lock Valves , Rotary Air Lock Valve  in India, Rotary Air Lock Valve  manufacturer in India, Indian Rotary Air Lock Valve , Shri Krishna Rotary Air Lock Valve is designed to efficiently transfer non-stringy materials from one air system component to another, ensuring maintenance of a required vacuum or to prevent pressurization.

The air lock maintains a tight, positive air seal by keeping a maximum of the six flexible neoprene steel backed wipers in full contact with the interior housing at all times.

The neoprene wipers are bolted to the vanes of the rotor tips for easy of maintenance. The rotors are open-ended.

The rotor housing is heavy-duty steel construction with a removable side plate to provide easy access and maintenance of the rotor.

Shown below is products specification


1/2 HP to 2 HP

Driven Through

Belt Pulley

Space Requirement

Different as per model

Feeding System

No needs of feeding. It comes automatically through cyclone


On Cyclone and as applicable

Ideal for following Material

For all types of Powders and Course Material which need air locking on output area or use for dust Preventive

(1) It is available in various models depending upon production capacity & H. P. required.
(2) Machine/Material can be changed as per customer's requirement.

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