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Shri Krishna Screw Conveyors


These types of conveyors are basically for bulk materials with variable properties depending on the application. They can be sealed against dust or moisture, jacketed to act as dryer or cooler. Screw flights fabricated in an array of configurations perform different tasks or help to convey different types of materials. Ribbon flights density and viscous materials which may usually cause bridging at the centre tube. Screw conveyors are compact and easily adapted to suit any location.

They can be manufactured in any type of orientation and direction either horizontally, inclined or vertical. These types of conveyors can be used to feed, distribute, collect or blend materials flow in processing or conveying operation.

[1] Screw feeder / dozer
[2] U- Trough / Tubular Screw
[3] Inclined Screw
[4] Bi-direction Screw

The materials of construction may be mild steel or stainless steel depending on the requirement. Special materials like polymers have also proved to be an excellent alternative to steel.

(1) It is available in various models depending upon production capacity & H. P. required.
(2) Machine/Material can be changed as per customer's requirement.

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