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We are renowned globally as a leading An ISO 9001:2008 pulverisers manufacturing company. We manufacture pulverising & grinding equipments for over 3 decades.

We are providing our services to Indian & International market from more than 35 years. Our machines such as Pulverisers, Roller Mills, Cool Grinders, Double Drive Pulverisers, Disintegrator, Jaw Crusher, Conveyor, Elevator etc. have prominent features which make them unique in performance:

  • Great Output in terms of both Quantity & Quality.
  • Reliable Structure , due to its robust build, such as, our "Pulverisers" comprises of a fully casted main body, & other machines have a strong fabricated body.
  • Easy handling and maintenance, with attractive, and looks, and many other such attributes.

We have designed a versatile unit to manufacture multifunctional machines such as Pulverisers, Jaw Crushers, Grinders, Double Drive Pulverisers, Roller Mills, Hammer Mills Disintegrators etc.

We aim at best Customer Satisfaction along with providing the most useful products at most economical prices.

Mr. S.P. Khare


Our Founder

Mr. S.P. Khare: A dynamic personality, with a vast experience of more than 25 years. An expert of crushing and grinding units, as well as custom engineering.

I wanted to create a successful company that would offer Clients a Quality Engineered and durable Products.

The leadership of Mr. S. P. Khare and our expertise has made Impact Pulverisers a success. Our pulverisers are recognized in India and in foreign countries for its Robust construction, skilled workmanship and good design.

His leadership qualities and great managerial skills helped Mr. Khare to develop Intense into a network of pulversing and grinding agencies with a good reputation.


“Depending of the latest and contemporary technology to achieve those quality standards as are expected by our customers.”

Customer satisfaction being the basic denominator of our corporate creed, the company expects clients to get maximum returns on their investments with technical or engineering expertise of our qualified & experienced professionals.

Shri Krishna Pulverisers believe in knowledge & action in working to achieve product performance that are on par with, and even surpass the best available in world markets.


Shri Krishna Pulverisers's state–of–the art manufacturing facility is located at Kanpur the individual hub of India. Shri Krishna Pulverisers has in–house well equipped with up to date machinery and R & D department, which ensures continuous development of different types of grinding machineries to serve its customers.

As a diversification from our successful manufacturing of pulverisers, we started manufacturing commercial machineries for the entire processing unit like:

  • Pulverisers
  • Double Drive pulverisers
  • Hammer mills
  • Grinders
  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Different types of screener and material handling equipment.
  • Cool Grinders (Spices Grinders)


While today’s global economy dictates use of the most efficient and accurate, manufacturing technologies available in order to maintain competitive price Shri Krishna Pulverisers had been committed to modern manufacturing methods and machinery throughout our history.

Quality is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. At Shri Krishna Pulverisers, quality begins from inside and then works its way out. Our customers recognize the values added by Shri Krishna Pulverisers continuous monitoring of quality. Shri Krishna Pulverisers's quality management is a process that starts with the specifications and materials required for an individual application then focus throughout each manufacturing step on delivering products quality that exceeds a customer’s expectation.

Shri Krishna Pulverisers preference towards continuous research and development at every step of the manufacturing process benefits its customers directly. Expanding its already formidable technical abilities and market reach is Shri Krishna Pulverisers's technical & marketing with the best technical minds allows Shri Krishna Pulverisers to offer its customers the unmatched superior, world-class quality of products, coupled with the economy and advantages like:

  • Better result of your product like natural test, fragrance and color
  • Minimum material loss and burns
  • Maximum finesse of your material
  • Maintenance free for long time (depending on material)
  • Lower power consumption
  • Easy to operate with minimum labour requirements
  • Maximum production per hour compared to any model from competition
  • Maximum Returns of your Investment (ROI)