Shri Krishna Cool Grinder


Shri Krishna Cool Grinder with Air Blower & Cyclone Separator along with dust collector is economical unit designed for general all round work for time saving operation. It is available in various models depending upon production capacity & HP required. All types of products pass through a wide feed hopper into the grinding chamber. The swinging hammers, in the rotating hammer rotor, crush materials at the stationery lines before passes through a screen and rotating hammers.

The ground material is continuously sucked by a powerful air blower through screen and conveyed through the pipe line into the cyclone separator for bagging. The air blower maintains constant atmospheric cool air flow into mill chamber in order to obtain a cool product and continuously clean the screen, thus increasing the output of the ground material.

The particles size of the ground material can be varied by a large range of sieves with the desired opening. The dust & ground material gets separated in the cyclone separator. Top of the cyclone air balloon is fitted. Air balloon separates clean air & dust. The dust gets collected in air balloon. As soon as air balloon shacked the dust dropped into the cyclone separator and gets collected from bottom of the cyclone separator.

Whole grinding operation is carried out in a cool atmospheric temperature, which prevent their oil, color.