Shri Krishna Pulveriser

Elevate Your Grinding Operations with Shri Krishna Pulverisers

Shri Krishna Pulverisers introduces a revolutionary grinding solution, the Pulveriser, integrated with an Air and Gravity Separator, designed to redefine efficiency in material processing. This advanced pulveriser operates on a high swing type grinding mechanism, utilizing the impactful force of the hammer within its meticulously designed grinding chamber. This action results in precise pulverization of materials, with the finely ground powder being effectively drawn out by the suction power of an integrated blower, passing through the critical whizzer cone. The whizzer cone is ingeniously designed to sieve through the particles, ensuring only the desired fineness in the output, while oversized particles are left behind for further grinding.

Enhancing its versatility, an optional feature allows for the effective separation of heavy particles, ensuring a cleaner, finer output. This additional functionality is available to further refine the process to meet some specific industry needs.

The journey of the pulverized powder doesn’t end there; post-grinding, it is propelled by the blower into the cyclone air separator. Here, the powder is neatly discharged, while the air is recycled back into the grinding chamber, ensuring a sustainable air cycle. Excess air is meticulously filtered through dust collector bags, capturing any residual fines and ensuring a clean operation.

Designed for a broad spectrum of grinding tasks, Shri Krishna's Pulveriser is an ideal choice for processing non-abrasive soft, medium, and hard minerals. From gram dal to tamarind seed to metal ores, its robust construction, crafted from superior raw materials, stands testament to its durability and efficiency. Key components, including the grinding chamber, whizzer cone, and blower, are constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, while contact surfaces are lined with durable steel or C.I. plates. The grinding chamber is further fortified with replaceable hard iron plates/ manganese steel liners, enhancing the machine’s resistance to wear and tear and ensuring longevity.

An optional safety feature includes a special pocket within the grinding chamber, designed to catch small metallic objects, thus protecting the machine from potential damage. The core drivable shaft is supported by double-row, self-aligning, heavy-duty ball or roller bearings, promising unwavering performance.

Expanding its versatility, the Pulveriser efficiently processes a wide array of materials including minerals like- Soapstone, Bauxite, Limestone, Dolomite, Bentonite, Chromite, Calcite, Coal, China Clay, Red Oxide, Ochres, Graphite, food items like-Turmeric, Besan, Kattha, Starch, Salt, Soya Bean, Tamarind Seed, herbs like- Sandalwood, Soap Nut, amla, etc, and other items like- Mica Chips, Guar Gum, Gypsum, Gram Dal (Besan), Alum, Manganese Ore, Saw-Dust, and more.

The power requirement for our Pulveriser ranges from 5 HP to 200 HP, depending on the model and size of the machine, ensuring scalability and adaptability to a variety of industrial needs.

Transform your material processing with Shri Krishna Pulverisers’ Pulveriser, where efficiency meets precision in grinding technology.