Shri Krishna Hammer Mill


The Shri Krishna Hammer Mill effectively crushes materials by leveraging high-speed hammer impacts, showcasing a simple structure and exceptional efficiency. This versatile equipment was specifically engineered for crushing brittle, medium-hard materials used across diverse industries such as mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, construction, road building, petroleum, and chemical sectors. Designed as an economical unit, it ensures efficient, all-encompassing performance, significantly saving time during operations.

Adaptable for various tasks, this mill typically requires minimal adjustments, primarily involving screen, hammer, and liner modifications. Material enters the grinding chamber through a broad feed hopper. The rotating hammer rotor, equipped with swinging hammers, crushes materials against stationary liners before passing them through a screen, determined by the hammer type used. The operational principle revolves around impact grinding.

Offering a range of hammer styles, liner plates, sieve inserts, and cutting-edge wear-resistant technology, this mill presents nearly limitless options for crushing diverse materials—ranging from lumpy and bulky to irregularly shaped or fibrous substances—producing coarse to medium-fine powders.

Prior to delivery, each Hammer Mill undergoes stringent final inspection and rigorous grinding tests at our experimental station. This ensures top-notch quality and performance consistency. Additionally, we offer grinding tests using your materials, allowing you to assess the mill's suitability, all without any obligation, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

(1) It is available in various models depending upon production capacity & H. P. required.
(2) Machine/Material can be changed as per customer's requirement.