Shri Krishna Pin Mill


Shri Krishna Pin Mill is specially designed to deal efficiently and economically with a wide range of materials and can be easily adjusted to give the fineness required from a coarse granulation to finely ground powder.

The Pin Mill, also recognized as the Universal Mill, has been a part of our manufacturing since our establishment in 1965. Operating on the principle of shearing between opposing faces of pins mounted on a rotor assembly and stator, this mill efficiently crushes material fed from the center. Utilizing centrifugal force on the particles, it eventually discharges the processed material through a screen.

This mill boasts distinctive characteristics, including:

  • Consistent and uniform particle shearing.
  • Absence of impact load, unlike hammer mills, reduces powder formation in coarse output.
  • Versatile powder sizing options achievable through adjustments in rotor, stator, pin design, and screen size.
  • Lower power consumption in comparison to hammer mills.
  • Availability in various models, encompassing ground discharge and pneumatic collection designs

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