Shri Krishna Elevator

Belt Bucket Elevators – Centrifugal Discharge

These types of elevator is mostly used for bulks materials, which are free flowing, fine or small lump materials, such as grain, sand, clay, sugar and dry chemicals. Buckets are mounted at intervals on a belt or chain. They usually operate vertically but have the capability to be designed to be inclined according to the requirement. Buckets are filled with materials by a combination of direct materials loading into buckets and by scooping from the boot, which is the lowest part of the elevator. Speed is comparatively higher and is basically controlled by the head sprocket or drum diameter and its eject from the bucket containers at the discharged end.

Vertical Bucket Elevators – Centrifugal / positive Discharge

These are similar to the centrifugal discharge type, except that buckets are snubbed back under head sprockets to gain a more complete discharge at a slower chain speed. The elevators can handle light aerates, dusty and sticky materials that are not easily dischargeable from a centrifugal discharge elevator. The buckets are mounted at intervals on two strands of chain. Providing a capacity equal to the centrifugal discharge type requires larger buckets or closer spacing of buckets on the chain. This is a forced type of discharge and is thus effective in transferring maximum of the carried material over to the destination.