Shri Krishna 3 Roller Mill

Engineering Precision for Advanced Grinding and Classification

Elevating Industrial Grinding and Classification to New Heights of Efficiency and Precision

Shri Krishna Pulverisers proudly introduces the pinnacle of grinding and classification technology - our Three Roller Mill Machine also known as Raymond Mill. This state-of-the-art equipment is the embodiment of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of industries worldwide. Our machine offers a comprehensive, dust-free system for the medium and fine grinding and classification of a broad spectrum of minerals, chemicals, and additional materials, adeptly handling surface moisture removal during the grinding process.

Principles of Operation
The Art and Science of Material Grinding

The Three Roller Mill Machine from Shri Krishna Pulverisers operates on the advanced principles of attrition and compression. This sophisticated process begins when centrifugal force is generated by suspended rollers rotating inside a stationary Bull Ring. As materials enter the grinding chamber via an automatic feeder, they are introduced to a rigorous grinding action, facilitated by steel ploughs guiding the materials into the critical space between the rollers and Bull Ring for effective grinding.

Designed for Optimal Performance
  • Dust-Free Operation: Our system is meticulously designed to ensure a clean and healthy working environment. Operating under a regime of negative pressure, it features an advanced dust collector system that efficiently captures fine dust particles, maintaining clean air within the operational circuit.
  • Advanced Grinding Chamber: The machine’s core is reinforced with a heavy-duty vertical shaft equipped with a cast steel spider, from which the roller assemblies are suspended. This ensures consistent, efficient, and effective grinding across all uses.
  • Efficient Airflow System: The machine is engineered to circulate a consistent quality of air through the mill, effectively removing fine and medium-fine materials into the classifier, thus optimizing the grinding efficiency and ensuring comprehensive material processing.
  • Precision Classification and Separation: Outfitted with high-precision classifiers, either Double Cone or Whizzer Type, our machine delivers exact control over material fineness. It incorporates systems to recycle oversize materials back into the grinding chamber for reprocessing, ensuring optimal fineness and efficiency.
Feature Highlights
  • Customized Blower System: Our blower system is custom-designed for optimal air management, available in either M.S. fabricated or c.i. casted versions, each with an independent drive mechanism.
  • Cyclone and Separator: Fabricated from durable mild steel, this component is crucial for the effective separation of air and ground material, ensuring the highest purity of the end product.
  • Automated Feeding and Discharge Mechanisms: The machine includes a rotary type feeder and a rotary valve for automated material handling, enhancing operational efficiency and product consistency.
Broad Spectrum of Applications

The Three Roller Mill Machine by Shri Krishna Pulverisers is engineered for versatility, catering to a wide range of industrial applications from the grinding of rock phosphate, gypsum, limestone, and pigments to the processing of more delicate materials like synthetic resins, China clay, and barytes. It’s designed to handle both the robust requirements of materials like marble, magnesium oxide, and silicates, and the precise needs of organic insecticides and hydrated lime.

Experience the Future of Industrial Grinding and Classification

We invite you to discover the unparalleled capabilities of our Three Roller Mill Machine. Designed for the discerning industrial operator who prioritizes precision, efficiency, and reliability, our advanced system is ready to set new standards in your grinding and classification processes.

Explore the potential of the Three Roller Mill Machine to revolutionize your production capabilities. Contact Shri Krishna Pulverisers today to learn more about how our technology can be tailored to your specific operational needs.