Shri Krishna Microwave Dryer


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At the molecular and atomic levels there are four different types of polarization that can be involved in the heating of a dielectric, depending on the dielectric material and the frequency of the electromagnetic field. These are electronic and atomic polarization, where the dipole moments are induced by the displacement of electrons and nuclei, respectively, Orientation caused by the rotation of permanent dipole moments. Interfacial polarization, a space charge, that is the result of a build up of migrating charge carriers,

The heat developed in a dielectric by an alternating electromagnet (EM) field, is always, a result of one or more of these types of polarization being initialized. The types of polarization initialized are frequency and material dependent.

SHRI KRISHNA has furnished Radio Frequency dielectric heating equipment to various industries, These include wood products, ceramics, textiles, foods, foundries and plastics.

This multi-industry experience allows us to transfer technology to benefit all, Each project is a challenge to find the most cost effective, efficient and practical solution tailored to your specific situation.

SKP has the experience, the staff and the technology to help solve your process heating problems.